LCD Replacement
The most common repair we encounter is consequently one we’re well versed in. Whether your phone has taken a fall from your pocket, broken back glass or housing, or taken a beating from years of use we’ve got the tools and the skills to repair your phone like new again.

Charging Ports
A defective charging port can leave your phone out of commision and without warning. Our knowledgable techs can replace most charging ports within the same day. Don’t be stuck without a phone and stop by today!
Battery Replacement
Batteries are a consumable item. With frequent use of your smartphone it is not uncommon for the strength of a charge and the overall capacity of your smartphones battery to degrade. If you’ve noticed a difference in battery performance we’ll be more than happy to assess if your battery is in need of servicing.
Speaker / Button Repair
We stock most replacement speakers and replacement buttons for the most popular smartphone models.